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This…. house… when can I move in





This will always be my favorite picture.Her smile is so genuine and I can feel her from ten thousand miles away.She reminds me of you and how you used to look at me.

god this picture makes me happy

Ah it’s back on my dash. I can’t help from hitting reblog always

omg look how happy she is

That first comment is so real, it’s depressing. 

@Michael5SOS: @Luke5sos why are you the bestest friend i know?? :D #asklukey 

@Luke5SOS: @Michael5sos aw :) go to sleep you cray dawg! 

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preppy together is the way to go

‘I am aware of the pressures you will always have to endure as a Kennedy, despite the fact that you came into this world an innocent. You, among all others, have a place in history. Whatever path you choose, I can only ask you and Caroline to continue to make the Kennedy family proud and, especially, to continue to be proud of yourselves. Remain faithful to those who love you…’ 
— Jackie’s last letter to her son John Jr (1994)

Behold, a 120+ year old rhododendron
They rarely grow into anything larger than a shrub, yet alone a tree! 

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live every day like it’s a celebration and make every hour a happy hour 🍹🍉🐚


whenever my dad makes pancakes he always makes a tiny baby one for our dog

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Vineyard Vines